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Jamie Pinto

Kristin is a Force in the fitness community. Since the first time I saw her, I knew that she was tapped into her inner Fire. Kristin shows up daily for herself and the community at large as a pioneer, and a leader. As a teammate, I’m happy she’s on our team, because she’s a fierce competitor. I nick named her Miss Machine after the 2004 Dillinger Escape Plan album. The controlled chaos of the music reminds me of the everlasting energy and drive that she has for her craft.

Katarina Balmazan

Kristin is the pillar of the steel mace and fitness community, so, when I thought we were entering Mad Max time in march 2020 I picked up a mace, you know… just in case, and immediately joined Kristin’s class… and the rest is history.

Kristin is an excellent coach, encouraging, kind, patient, her knowledge and experience is evident in her approach to every class. Her movement vocabulary extends to every fitness discipline and she knows how to implement it in her flows, workouts, and drills. Kristin makes time for her clients and students, not just as a coach, but as a friend. Hanging out with her, and I mean in a literal sense, hanging off the tree branch, is some of the best times.

She cares about other people succeeding and progressing, we attended the Animal Flow course and she helped me get certified.

Kristin has been supportive, full of praise and love from the first day we met and I'm so lucky to know her.

Aisha Malik

March 2020. The world is in a panic. So was I.

September 2020, enter Kristin O'Brien. Suddenly, there was hope!

To say that my time with Kris was life altering would be a gross understatement. I could go on and on for days about the positive impact that Mace Flow has bestowed upon me, I'd like to take a moment to focus on the catalyst, for none of these changes would be possible without her.

As a trainer myself, I can recognize the signs of a well educated, organized and most of all SUCCESSFUL trainer. Kris is all of those things. I had several options for a Level One instructor however after spending approximately three minutes watching her flow there was no other who I wanted to follow.

At the beginning of each class, she knew to ask if there were any issues with last week's homework (which she ALWAYS checked...not letting me off the hook there!!! *smile*), she is extremely well versed in the language of flow and body movement, she can see the need for a possible regression before i happens as when we were going to attempt a challenging overhead one are horizon swing (i only know the flow language because of her by the way), she saw the apprehension on my face and immediately queued a two arm regression which was exactly what i was hoping for.

She never had to really look at her notes which again, as a trainer, tells me that before I arrived to class she spent a few minutes rehearsing so class would flow smoothly. That means a lot to me as she understands time management and is very professional. She takes my time as seriously as she does her own.

Class was always fun and the work was INTENSE. I have seen changes to my body that I never believed possible due to her tutelage.

I would have to say the thing that I have come to admire mostly about my Kris is her love and passion for the art of flow. This is not her job. This is her life. The pride as I completed my 500 swings (through technical difficulties by the way...I was freaking out and she was calm and soothing) and Master Class was not only evident on her face, she said out loud "I'm very proud of you." which made me cry. I actually have that moment on video tape and watch it when I am feeling down on myself.

Now that I am taking my Level Two course, I remember what Kris taught me during our coverage of the Rising Flow. Although I may venture out of "the box" and explore the world...I will always return to my homebase. What I am saying is Kris has a student for life.

Robert Sharpe

I was fortunate enough to have the pleasure of taking the Steel Mace Flow certification with the amazing Kristin via online.

Kristin's teaching style is so clear and concise. She has a fantastic way of simplifying even the most complicated of movements.

My technique really sharpened up and vastly improved from the guidance I received.

I finished the course feeling highly motivated to really excel in my mace journey and I thank Kristin so much for all her time and effort. She is a real top class professional.

Robert UK

James Camacho

2021 was an extremely challenging year for me mentally and spiritually, but finding steel mace flow was a saving grace. Learning to utilize the steel mace has been more to me than just another tool or implement in my fitness arsenal. It has been a form of creative outlet, expression and therapy in so many ways. Kristin has helped me to understand and use the mace in ways I never thought I was capable of.

She is the most fluid, innovative and skillful mace artists I have ever witnessed. Aside from being incredibly inspiring with the mace, she has such a profoundly impactful and engaging teaching style.

I came to Kristin with help in refining my flow with the mace, learning some advanced skills, and mentoring in becoming a steel mace flow instructor myself. I had some experience with the mace but I felt very robotic and limited with what I could do. I was already decently experienced with the basics and intense exercise with the tool, but her guidance helped me transcend from a novice practitioner into a warrior and artist! In just a few months time under Kristin's tutelage, I not only picked up more advanced skills that dwarfed what I could do previously, I was able to create my own flows with these advanced tools, and express myself in ways I've never been able to before. In addition, under her mentorship I was able to become Steel Mace Flow Level 1 certified and graduate with honors!

Like I mentioned before, Steel Mace Flow is a creative outlet, and so much more than just exercise. I've never been able to dance, create art, or sing, but learning how to express myself with the mace has been a beautiful, life changing experience for me during such hard times. Flow is for everyone, and Kristin is the best there is for helping you unlock your latent creativity!

Kristin's patience, mindful eye, and presence when instructing was so helpful in taking my skills with the mace to the next level, I can only imagine the impact she can have on others like myself or beginners trying to tap into their flow for the first time. A 5 star rating would be a criminal understatement. My coach is truly one of a kind.

Kristin, you have a gift not only with the mace but in passing down your knowledge and passion for it to everyone you connect with. Thank you for the impact you have had on my journey!

Sean Luck

Kristin's instruction was of great help in passing my Level 1 SMF certification. Beyond her technical expertise, her critiques and corrections encouraged me in a surprising way. Instead of feeling the pressure and stress of my impending test out, she instead fueled my drive and focus making for a much more enjoyable experience than my training alone was doing.

Amy Gatzemeyer

Kristin has an amazing ability to empower students of all levels to develop new skills- I have taken online classes with her for over a year and have felt equally challenged by her classes throughout this time. Even when you cannot attend live, her clear cues, demonstrations, and the feedback she is willing to provide through messaging, email, or private sessions is personal and promotes learning. Above all, her enthusiasm and genuine love for teaching and for steel mace flow makes classes fun and makes me excited to log-on.

Jeff Olefson

I have worked with many trainers and coaches over the years and Kristin O'Brien (The Fitness Junkie) is the best. When I got my Steel Mace, I went looking for a trainer and was lucky to find Kristin on Instagram just 1 hour before one of her virtual classes.

She invited me to participate in what she said was an advanced class. It was a lot to take in, but I knew immediately that I loved it and loved Kristin as a trainer. Not only was the class well structured, Kristin knew how to introduce the mace to a new-comer and to provide practical modifications.

Kristin's motto is every class a new flow which keeps the classes challenging and interesting. In the beginning, it was fake it till you make it, but in just a few classes I was gaining the satisfaction of mastering these flows and getting a great workout in the process. Kristin is extremely knowledgeable about anything fitness, with a deep understanding of the details.

More recently, I reached out to Kristin to be my level on Steel Mace Flow mentor and the sessions were outstanding. . Not only in preparing me for testing, but also to help me take my skills to another level. Now I am doing private lessons with her to continue to refine my skills. She has a very reasonable membership program that includes live virtual classes and access to tons of on-demand classes and tutorials. Check her out, you won't be disappointed.

Joanna Steven

Kristin is by far my favorite instructor. When I first started with the steel mace, I didn't know what to do - all I saw were crazy awesome flows that I couldn't understand. She took the time to send me videos to explain moves whenever I asked. When I signed up for her Steel Mace Fundamentals class, everything that seemed mysterious and impossible finally made sense. I'm now Steel Mace Flow certified, Kips certified, and do my own steel mace tutorials, but I still take her classes because they are that good. No matter where you're at in your steel mace journey.

Sara Henderson

When I first saw Kristin's page, I thought "Wow, that looks cool, but nothing that I could do." Eventually, I decided to give it a try and couldn't believe I could actually do it! The moves can look complex, but Kristin gives instructions that are easy to understand and she breaks down the steps so that everyone is successful. Her daily workouts are always impressive, usually an achievable challenge, and sometimes give me a great laugh. Kristin is a great coach and her classes are so much fun!

Annette Pratt

Kristin is one of the most conscientious trainers I have ever worked with.

When it comes to SMF her passion for it comes across ten fold. Whether you are new to SMF or more advanced, she leads her classes so everyone feels included and welcome.

I personally have completed SMF Level 1 with Kristin and with her expert guidance, completed and passed the course no problem.

I highly recommend you check out her virtual classes. They are always challenging and fun. Plus, you get to meet other SMF "artists" from all around the world!

Andrea Whyte Bradshaw

Discovering the mace and Kristin's classes has kept me focused and my fitness on track. Her passion and incredible ability to both motivate and teach difficult skills is unsurpassed.

Kristi Couch

Kristin is so very awesome (in everything she tried - I mean do you watch her IG?) She is a TOP NOTCH Mace instructor. I found her in spring of 2019 - after the world shut down for the first time. She was a breath of fresh air. I was so intrigued by what she was doing with this odd looking piece of equipment. So I bought a mace and joined her Zoom Classes. She is a great teacher. She makes everything doable. Always able to ask questions and gives great feedback. Over the years I was so inspired to go on and complete my Level 1 in Mace Cert and even started my Level 2. She is a phenomenal human and inspiring, motivational coach. I am thankful I stumbled on her IG and am now one of her students.

Erin Derose

Kristin truly has a gift! I watched her on social media for awhile, always greatly inspired by her skill and motivated to mirror her drive for fitness.

After enrolling into SMF Level 1 certification course, and not keeping myself accountable enough, I knew she was the necessary piece that I needed to add to gain the knowledge and confidence to earn my place in the Steel Mace Flow certified family.

After enrolling into her SMF mentorship coaching program, and our 6 private sessions, I gained an arsenal of new tips and knowledge to add to my training! I faced my testing with not only the right formula, but fiery passion that Kristin helped me find.

After passing my testing with honours with her, I enrolled into her virtual HIIT Steel Mace Flow classes, and can't get enough of all the lessons and challenges she brings to both her mentorship and classes.

Tony Jenkins

Kristin O'Brien (diary of a fitness junkie) was my coach for my Level 1 Steel Mace Flow Certification. Being a coach myself, I know how big of a difference good cues make in teaching someone. So after dabbling with the mace for almost a year, I decided that I wanted to get certified with it. Very soon Kristin's IG page came across my path. Not only was she an amazing flow artist but she also used ALOT of other fitness tools and modalities. This was important for me because I didn't want a coach that was a zealot all about the mace but knew it was just an amazing tool.

She posted on her story that she was looking to help people with their LVL 1 certification, it was a message from the gods. So I knew I had to work with this woman.

In working with her, she was able to break down what looked like complicated moves in easy bite size pieces that anyone could comprehend. In a matter of weeks she was able to help me practice, improve and memorize the flows for the test. She was able to give me amazing cues that I still use for some of my clients today! She was even able to help me practice some level 2 flows. Breaking down multiplanar, multi-movement flows in, again, very simple moves to practice over and over again. I would not be as good of a coach myself without the help of an amazing flow master like Kristin. 10/10 highly recommended for a coach or even just take her classes!

Jade Arellano

Kristin breaks down mace work in a super digestible fashion during her classes. She makes sure that what she is teaching is both easy enough to grasp for beginners, but also teaches even seasoned students in the class learn something new. It's clear that she puts a lot of time and attention to the details of her mace flows in order to make them the perfect mix of fun, challenging and educational.

Anna Marie Della Ventura

When the pandemic hit and the gyms closed, I decided to try something out of my comfort zone and picked up a mace. I honestly knew nothing about it but by taking Kristin's classes, I not only learned how to move with it, I also learned how to flow with the mace which is pure magic. Her classes are creative and challenging and she empowers all of her students. She truly is a master at her craft and is very eager to share all of her knowledge. These classes are an amazing mind and body workout and I love the flexibility of online or taped sessions, which make it easy to practice and hone your skills. Kristin esures all of her students succeed and is always available to assist in any way possible. Take a class and learn how to be a warrior. I guarantee you that you will be thankful you did!